Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Notebooks N' Things

Several times we have visited Vietnam and have had the opportunity to travel with John and Arlene Fast in country. I found myself somewhat envious of John's laptop computer as well as his facility at using it. While WE had to find an internet establishment in order to RENT one HE could use his,seemingly, wherever he pleased. If I'm able to take my new ASUS Notebook to Vietnam when we go in May I wonder; Will I be able to do that? Probably not right away, because I still have so much to learn about using it over here! I can, however, make this a matter of prayer and solicit as much praying help as possible! God is always helping me find earrings and their little inserts that I drop while at my dresser. This request wouldn't be any harder than that for Almighty, Loving, Merciful God. After all, the PRAYER WIRELESS was successfully in use long before my little ASUS was even an idea!

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