Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Memories of an 8 year old

I was turning eight during our family trip to Vietnam. I hold these two weeks as some of the best that I have had in my life. Because I was so young, it is hard for me to remember many details about Vietnam. However, I have never been able to let myself forget the attachment that I felt for Asia; even at such a young age. As weird as it may seem, one of the things that I remember most about Vietnam is the smell! I am not a big fan of any oriental food (McDonalds is my second home. Horrible, I know.) so the smell of Vietnam holds strong in my memory. I can recall walking down the busy streets of Saigon with my Mom and my sister and feeling right at home. This is very weird that I felt that way because 1. I am blond. Very, very blond. The Vietnamese women would constantly be coming up behind me to stroke my hair! 2. I am very pale and tall (now 5'9). So I didn't exactly "fit it". And 3. I had never been anywhere even close to Vietnam. However, walking down those streets, and seeing the people there, just felt so right. In the years since my first trip, Vietnam has never been far from my heart or mind. I have constantly been talking about, writing papers on, and researching Vietnam. You can't even imagine my excitement about returning in May! If I am ever having a bad day, or feeling down in any way, I just think to myself, "I am going to Vietnam in May...!!!!!!!" and I'm immediately overjoyed, and thank God for the amazing opportunity that He has provided for me. While in Vietnam, I hope to renew some of the old memories that I had, as well as make many new ones.

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  1. Wow, Angel! I didn't know that trip had such an impact on you. Now I know you'll enjoy the trip this May even without any friends or relatives your age.