Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ready or Not

It's not like studying for the bar exam, but getting ready for today's test sure brings up some memories.  I have studied all I can, so my fingers are crossed that I will recall more for this test than Rebecca (my nemesis) can.  Notice I say "fingers crossed" rather than "Lord willing" because I'm pretty sure that what I want here falls into James 4:3 territory.

We went out for breakfast after going to the gym this morning and reviewed vocabulary in both places.  At the diner, our favorite waitress, Dulce, asked what we were doing.  When we explained, she said, "I thought it looked like diphthongs!"  It turns out she's studying speech pathology in college.  So studying for Vietnamese has just expanded our relationship with Dulce.  Maybe she thinks we're cool now.  :)

After class, we'll treat ourselves to the movie we didn't get to see last night, maybe Greenberg or The Runaways.  And Flash Forward is back on television, so we can watch that on Hulu.  Baseball season is about to begin, which means we'll subscribe to cable soon and be able to watch television shows as they're broadcast--at least when the Mets aren't playing.

Okay!  Time to head over to the Chinatown YMCA for the test.  Wish us luck!  I don't mind if you pray, too, since your motives are purer than mine.  :)

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