Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hanoi 1

I wrote this on our trip and then lost it.  I've found it again, so I'm posting it now.

We're having so many adventures I can't even keep up, so I'm fast forwarding to our trip to Hanoi yesterday afternoon (May 31). On our way to the airport, Dad asked Mom to doublecheck the dates on our tickets. It turns out we were scheduled to depart June 1, not May 31. So the picture below is of us in front of the airport waiting to find out if we could leave yesterday instead. I think Dad played the age card for sympathy because they got all five of us on the flight.  (We were parked in front of the airport for a long time--you'd never be allowed to do this in the States.)

A house church pastor and 11 of his members met us at the airport.
The two little girls adored Angel and played with her hair in van.

All 17 of us fit into the van. We dropped people off along the way. We also encountered the most amazingly congested intersection I've ever seen. I'll post a video of it in the next post [as soon as I find it again].

Now we're at our hotel. Of the 3 hotels we've stayed at so far, this ranks third, but the church found it for us and as Dad put it, of the 3 hotels we've stayed at so far, this ranks the cheapest. Andrew is discovering that he might not be so cheap after all. It's in the middle of the Old Quarter, though, which is perfect for getting around and seeing everything.

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