Friday, May 28, 2010

Travel Then and Now

Here's Dad swimming in the ship pool on their way from the States to Vietnam via the Philippines in 1963.

Here's me enjoying breakfast in first class on our way to Vietnam via Hong Kong in 2010.

See the rest of our flight pics below.

Ready to check in.  We got there 3 hours early, but we were whisked through 1st class "express security".

 Andrew having coffee in the British Airways 1st class lounge before our flight.  

Andrew solving a problem at work before takeoff.

What a business class seat looks like.

The guest seat in my "suite".

My seat.

Enjoying the warm towel.

Andrew's entertainment center and closet.  No overhead compartment.  This closet has the duvet and mattress cover for his bed in it.

What to have for breakfast?

They put an extension into this table so that Andrew and I could have breakfast together.

The flight attendant set up our beds while we changed into the pyjamas they provided.  We slept over 8 hours.  I barely had time to watch the Japanese movie I chose.

The first class lounge in Hong Kong.

Downgraded to business class for the Hong Kong to Saigon segment.

Finally arrived.

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