Sunday, May 2, 2010

Planning Our Trip

A week ago Saturday, we had our final Vietnamese exam. It's great to have our weekends back. She gave us bonus points just for showing up to take the test, so hopefully we passed! This past Tuesday, I visited a travel agent that our teacher recommended to get our visas.

Now we need to figure out what we want to see and do in Vietnam. Tonight we looked at a map of the country and googled a few 12-day itineraries. It's tough because we want to balance seeing as much as we can with feeling relaxed.

Looking at the map, I see that Da Nang is further north than Quang Ngai. Mom and Dad left the Southern Baptist Mission to move to Quang Ngai. I thought it was because the mission didn't want them to go to a city so far north, but there were always Southern Baptist missionaries in Da Nang. Dad has always said that the people of Quang Ngai province are very tough and that the generals of the North came from this province. So maybe it just wasn't as safe. Also, I didn't realize that China Beach was in Da Nang.

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